Do you fight?

Or just sit and home and wait?

Japan. Horrifying. It scares me, you know. It's not that I didn't knew it before, but I really wanna do something to help now. I don't want to sit at home and listening to my mom who says god will help. I wanna do something! I wanna help by my own. I don't want to offend anyone. 
But, if there's a god, where the hell is he?

I hope you appreciate it, that you're fine.


I'm still missing Cherries, but the sun does it too!

Hey there!

Oh guys! It's so warm today! I really missed the feeling, when you can go out in shorts! By the way, I bought   2 pairs of shorts and 3 skirts today. Now, only the tops are missing! Well, school was exhausting, but today in our school magazine it was great. Things finally started going good!
So enjoy the sunshine, and the warm!

With love,


I love Cherries, even on my clothes.

What's up there?
Usually, I'm not that H&M-Girl. (Actually I used to love about those girls, who buy most of their stuff at H&M)
But yesterday, I did online shopping with my mom (another thing I usually don't do) and we spent very much money in clothes. This one is one of my favourites (my mom thinks it looks cheep, she doesn't like it after all).

I love cherries :) 

Love ya,


I want a cup of hot milk!

Hey there,

I don't feel good today. If I'm honest, I feel terrible. I don't know why. Yesterday I felt fantastic.
(As fantastic you can feel, after writing a french test :-( )
Hope you feel better.

No photographs today, but I really adore those (these?) two pictures :)

actually, i should be learning now

Hey there!

Well, tomorrow is a french test. I didn't learn at all. I'm too lazy. I know I should, but hell, I'm so not doing it!

Here's a nice picture.

Every time the sun rises I remind myself, that this life is not for forever.

live, laugh, love

hey there,

oh god. my little brother LOST my camera. that's just awful.
well, not quite awful. i get a new one now. a better one. that's so cool.
do you know some good patterns?



Here's a photo i found. it's awesome i think  :)

Just don't miss the beat!


First dance lesson is over now. Well, I love it. Especially 'Disco-Fox' ! Awesome.

Let's dance the night away.


Today's my first dancing lesson. I am pretty excited and I hope it's gonna be as awesome as I conceived it.

Stay this way.

Run, little girl, run. Maybe the age won't get you.

We used to sing with every song along.


this is just, some kind of feature (??) to my last entry. Hope you like it.

I admit it's not a masterpiece, but I kind of really like it. And it fits wonderful with the other blog entry.

Look at this photograph

Young Blood is a beautiful song. Well Photograph from Nickelback too. I really love it. I looked for the clip, because I think it's pretty amazing, but unfortuneately I could not find it. : / Here is just the lyrics.

I fell in love with the seaside.

I l.o.v.e you.

Smile :)

Awesome movie.

I like the way the sun rises in the morning.

Ich war heute ein wenig draußen. Und ich hab diese Blümchen fotographiert. Wisst ihr was das bedeutet? (Außer dass ich keine Pflanzenkenntnisse habe..) Der Frühling ist nun endgültig da!
Und ich liebe ihn.

I'm a fighter. A fallen one. But still a fighter.

Before ich den Computer für heute ausmache :)

Young Blood

Ich wäre euch sehr verbunden wenn ihr mir verraten würdet, wie ich das als Gadget auf meinen Blog verewigen kann :)

I'd do that too.

Raise your Glass.

If our friendship ever brakes. It's okay. We stay sisters.