You always make me smile

Hey there :)

today was my first day in school :) (we had a vacation) and it was pretty cool. I had three free hours (because of drama and ethics). I miss sleeping till 1 pm -.- My mom says I'm crazy, because it's not normal to sleep so long. Apropos my mom, I called her today. She had a surgery but she's fine now. I spent the afternoon with my BFF and we took some great photographs.

I love you guys



PS: Photos were taken by Jona Zhitinja (my humble me ;) )

Probably you don't know, but you mean a lot to me.

Okay. Usually I don't write anything to my posts, but this time I thought: why not?
Well, actually, it's more like I really wanted to write somethin and now look at me, I write about writing.
That's why I don't write anythin usually, because whatever I write, it's rubbish!

A good friend of mine celebrated her 16. Birthday yesterday and the party was AWESOME! I really enjoyed it and the people who I met were extremely nice. :)

I'm reading the fourth book of Harry Potter right now. In German. I just read all the books in English, now I started to read them again in German (I'm addicted to these books. It's not normal, I know) 'Tatzes Rückkehr' is the chapter 'Padfoot returns'. I love Sirius Black :3

Wow. I hope you didn't read all that rubbish,

I love you guys



I could have made you happy.


when moments like these, pass, i realize how valuable friendship is.

I'd love to have one of them

just awesome tattoos. I love birds. they stand for everthing that means something for me: freedom. warm. and peace.

You better learn how to treat us right



We used to be innocent


I miss the time, your parents gave your all the safety you needed.


So nice to be happy.


i need a place to dream